Super Visa Insurance

Get Affordable Super visa insurance cost

Supervisa is the only and easiest way to bring your grandparents and parents to Canada for a longer time. Each Super Visa holder is permitted to remain in Canada for up to two years without leaving Canada.
You can find a super visa for ten years or the lifetime of the passport. By way of instance, assume your passport life is five years. Please make sure your passport is fresh once applying for supervisa, which has a longer expiry. Passport life is dependent upon your country’s law. If you are receiving a passport with a ten-year expiry date and then apply for Supervisa using a reasonably new passport opportunity, you may get Supervisa for ten years.

And the final requirement is to receive a super Visa Insurance for $100,000 in the Canadian insurance companies.
We focus on getting you the best supervisa insurance for your parents and grandparents. We worked hard to find the lowest and potential quote from all of the super visa insurance providers. You can use our rate calculator by entering a part of the essential information for your parents to find the lowest possible speed from another site. Few companies provide a monthly payment plan for super Visa insurance. As soon as you view the quote on our site, you will see the monthly premiums will be displayed below the yearly rates, where you could see that those companies are offering monthly plans for Super Visa Insurance.

When it comes to monthly programs, 21st Century one of the most popular monthly supervisa insurance companies. 21st Century is underwritten by one of the largest insurance companies called Manulife, and in fact, the 21st century was the 1st one that introduced the monthly programs for Supervisa holders. Since that time, several other companies begin offering monthly plans to attract new clients. Bear in mind that if you take monthly programs, you want to include two months premium and a $50 plan setup fee to have the insurance.
Occasionally monthly programs become the best solution for you if you’re going to apply for this Supervisa and the plan for your parents to stay in Canada is nowhere near six months after obtaining the Supervisa. The reason I said this is because all of the Supervisa insurance provider companies required payment upfront. You may do not need your big payment to be stuck with insurance companies for a long time sometimes.
Few companies charge a surcharge on the monthly premium calculation. The surcharge could be from $10 monthly to $20 monthly. In that case, you would love to do the math before contemplating any monthly payment option. The 21st century does not charge you any monthly surcharge for monthly payment plans.
So why wait for more? Bring your grandparents and parents alongside you by amassing the only essential documents, obtaining the insurance from us, applying for a superb visa, and getting them alongside you.